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Grooveshark: Free, legal music

Pretty cool, and free. Here’s my playlist:!/playlist/Epic+Dubstep+Moombahcore/76183770


ZXX, Uppermost, and Vonikk: Best dubstep artists.






ZXX plays a hardcore cyberpunk-sounding moombahcore, which is dubstep with a lower beats per minute.

Uppermost plays very energetic electrostep, which is electro that sounds like dubstep, but still plays at 130 bpm.

Vonikk makes dubstep and complextrostep, has a lot of melody, isn’t always repetitive, and often includes guitar clips.


My favorites are (in order): ZXX, then vonikk, then uppermost.

Minecraft: Awesome game, as I’m sure you all know.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Minecraft. So I’ll skip to the end.

I play on a server called Civcraft. Where you can build or join a civilization/city.

PS. Here’s my Minecraft skin.

What is a transgendered person, and why I tend to be a bit of a social recluse at school

Hello, for those of you who know me in school, you may often wonder why I tend to be a recluse (someone who basically avoids other people and has no social life).

The answer is kind of complex, here goes: it’s because I’m transgender.

A transgendered person is someone who either:

1) Wants to be the opposite sex (me)

2) Feels that they are actually the “opposite” sex

Most transgendered people are that way from a very young age, but not always. (about 6 or earlier, in my case)

The odds are fairly low to be this way though, 1/30,000 for a MTF (male-to-female) like me, and 1/90,000 for a FTM (female-to-male).

There are, in fact, surgeries and treatments for almost everything except height, size of hands, feet, etc. There’s (not insanely expensive, sometimes just <$50K) surgeries for everything on your face, for example.

But it’s very difficult to live with, almost impossible for most.

There’s actually a spectrum you can be on. I happen to be one of the most transgendered people of all. (I took a quiz)

Anyway, back when I used to be more open about this (1st and 2nd grade, namely), I actually had a variety of friends. In fact, I would always play on the girl’s team at recess. (I really do mean every time.)

Starting in about 3rd grade, I started being far less open and bottling up these feelings (no idea why, I never really was harassed about it). Well, until about 1 year ago, when I learned that there were actually (a few) other people in my position. At which point, I mostly hung out in IRC chat rooms for trans people (and did a ton of research on “transitioning” (changing your gender)). Most of my online friends, some of which I had since I was 11, I told about these issues. That was the extent of my re-opening up. Until now.

Fortunately, I’m sane enough to know that bottling this up has had a serious negative effect on my (real) social life. That’s why I’m writing this post and posting it on twitter.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave comments or tweet me (@pjwaffle). I will be updating this blog with other cool stuff too – like games (minecraft), music (dubstep), and politics (voluntaryism)

PS. Name’s Ashley. Email: ashleywaffle12 {a-t} gmail {d_o_t} c.o.m